Dear Friends and Fans of Creative Getaway,

After seven years of having the privilege of being part of your family, I have decided to turn my focus toward mine. Most of you know the scare that I had with my Arthur and it made me re-evaluate where my priorities need to be. So, effective December 31,2015 Creative Getaway will be closing its doors. If you have any gift certificates to redeem or projects that you took home and meant to come back to, now is the time. You have until December 19,2015 to allow us to fire it and get it back to you.

To begin to close out my retail supplies inventory immediately, today until December 14th all bisque is 30% off. Most of my samples are also for sale so if you saw a piece that you liked, ask me about it!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your first handprints, birthday celebrations and just being able to enjoy your friendship. I have loved sharing the joy, creating masterpieces with you and your children. I will cherish the memories of hugging your babies and capturing their tiny hand and foot prints. I hope you will wish me well and will carry happy memories of the projects you created with me and the happy times shared here.

I will become mobile so I will see be doing Pottery Parties to Go where I will provide the table, benches, tablecloth and even a tent and set it up for you. I will also be available to teach classes in schools and other places. I will list all the details on my website soon. If I don't see you before then, you have my very best wishes for the most wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah you could possibly have.

My Sincerest Thanks, Jean Kingsbury